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·Map availability of  SongtaoTech GPS navigator
·The latest all-in-one GPS navigator
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Map availability of SongtaoTech GPS navigator
2007-1-17 14:00:26
By our map cooperator, we can provide map for following areas:

Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, Australia, Middle East, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa (the country), and China

We will pre-install your selected map software in a SD card, packing in the gift box together. Map offer support sample orders.

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The latest all-in-one GPS navigator
2007-1-17 13:50:18
Please pay more attention to our latest model ST-350A.

We have worked on it for one year, which is entirely R&D by ourselves. You can be confident with the quality and service. Also if you have any special requirement, we are glad to do it for you.

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A new Car GPS Navigation with 3.5
2006-10-16 16:39:21
We're gald to let you that a new Car GPS Navigation System will be available soon. The hardware is ok now, while there's still something need to be improved on the softwares.

Sample will be ready within this month, and the mass productions will be ok on/about Nov. 15th.

Now, I take pleasure in introducing some features on the new model as below:

1) Portable car navigator with 3.5 ̄ TFT touch screen
2) SiRF3 chipset, 20 channels, 360-degree rotatable GPS antenna
3) Samsung CPU
4) Audio input and output, build-in speaker
5) 2 USB ports, one for computer, another for music or maps from storage device. Infrared ray supporting.
6) Rechargeable Li-ion battery, holder, our GPS software, home charger and car charger for free. Map software is not free.
7) Any size of SD card is optional, extra charge is depending on your need.
8) Preinstalled original software: Window CE4.2, MS Office, MS Media player.
9) General map software supporting.
10) Preinstalled convenient tools: alarm clock, calculator and etc.
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Our Latest Proposition
2006-10-16 16:36:41
Item ST-BT01 is our latest proposition with the most competitive price. It's a compact Bluetooth GPS Receiver with ATMEL IV chipset which is ready to be used with PDA, PC & intelligent Cell Phones.