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We are the developers and manufacturers of the Most User friendly VoIP line of product designed for the Retail market. The one and only VoIP product line that is being sold on Computer Stores around the Globe as a Support-free VoIP phone PC Accessory.

On any Window PC with Internet Connection the user can start placing Free Calls in 20 seconds from the moment he opens its box. Unique Settings-Free product.

Coolnection Devices allow corporate and private users to dramatically reduce their Communication Costs. Useful for local, national and international communications with Crystal Clear sound quality and NO DELAYS.

Thanks to our innovative Technology to reduce the resources needed to place calls, all TelSIP to TelSIP phone calls are always FREE.



Most of our distributors are already offering TelSIP to Regular Phone call Services. Amazing Low Rates with unprecedented good Audio Quality.

No Setup required. In your TelSIP phone just dial:


...push then the green OK key on your phone keypad and start talking TelSIP to Phone.


Here a few examples of our super-low TelSIP to PHONE rates

(Please clicks on the mouse):


Wondering why there was no Consumer Friendly VoIP phone to call-4-free?? You'll find the answers in our innovative TelSIP CL-1005... 5 of the most cutting edge internet and telecommunication technologies converge to bring up together the MOST user friendly VOIP product in the market. SIP Telephony. SIP Services, QoS, Audio Compression, NAT Multi-Tunneling Software machines, those are just some of the keys to CL-1005's Ease of Use. Try it know! you will not believe the Crystal Clear sound quality and simplicity of use. All TelSIP to TelSIP Calls are FREE, plus you can get Amazing Worldwide Rates for TelSIP to Regular Phone calls.



  • • Based on SIP Telephony technology
  • • Supports virtual IP
  • • Works even on 56K modem connections
  • • Caller ID feature
  • • Redial function
  • • Back lighted LCD display
  • • ON-line/OFF-line indicator built on phone
  • • Volume adjusting keys
  • • 2.5mm earphone jack
  • • Compatible with USB 1.1 & 2.0
  • • Ergonomic sleek design
  • • USB cable and CD driver included



Session Initialization Protocol, SIP, was introduced by the IETF back in 1996 as an evolution of the conference invitation protocol (SCIP). SIP was conceived as a protocol for creating, modifying, and terminating sessions with one or more participants. These sessions included Internet telephone calls, multimedia distribution, and multimedia conferences.


Before SIP an ITU solution was starting to get popular on VoIP market: H.323. It had lots of limitations for the Internet users and its message format was difficult to operate, mainly because was defined by the Telco industry and not by the Internet Industry. Due to this situation and a growing Internet market eager for an Internet approach of VoIP, the IETF started to dedicate more resources aimed to bring up a SIP standard to the market, a standard with a real Internet oriented approach of VoIP.

Soon after the first RFCs were out, all pioneer VoIP companies started implementing their own SIP systems: Cisco, Nortel Networks, Siemens, 3Com, etc…


Coolnection did also bet for SIP, setting up a SIP R&D Center in Europe with experienced Engineers coming from both the VoIP Industry leaders and the Telco Industry. TelSIP™ was not aimed to be just a Softphone product, but a hardware-software-network integrated solution. This solution had to bring the best of each technology together in a line of products able to interact with third party networks and other SIP solutions also being developed around the world. A TelSIP™ Hardware requirements and protocol was also defined to ensure also TelSIP™ VoIP hardware performance and TelSIP™ whole system auto setup features.


SIP Engineering teams who have been involved in development and deployment of PC-based SIP VoIP solutions know that the first question to arise is Firewall traversal and how to overcome this very real dilemma without compromising security. A whole new approach to this issue was mandatory to make TelSIP™ product line the MOST USER FRIENDLY SIP-VoIP PRODUCT IN THE MARKET. The answer to this question was the TelNEURO™ Technology.

TelNEURO™ technology was developed applying the most advanced Neuronal Network algorithmic (Artificial Intelligence main motor) to the multiplicity of NAT scenarios and implementations deployed all over the Internet. As a result of very in deep research by the Networking TelSIP team, the final TelNEURO™ smart NAT traversal approach became the most efficient and effective firewall traversal solution in the market and added a complete unexplored approach to the most complicated Firewall traversal issues.

What exactly is a Network Firewall? One of the definitions most commonly used in several IETF RFCs is a set of software and/or hardware control units aimed to restrict the inbound and outbound access of the Internet from and to a specific PC or network. Saying so, we all know that a 100% block of all outbound and inbound IP packets can also be considered a Firewall policy. Given this multiplicity of scenarios, anyone who asserts that it's NAT- Firewall tunneling solution can traverse any Firewall is just untrue.

What TelNEURO™ does is to reduce to the minimum the possibility of an unsuccessful Firewall traversal situation that will require a Configuration Setup from the user side. Using its TelNEURO™ recognition software machines, the TelSIP™ unit learns about the network where it is plugged into and it is able to take the right decisions to get a successful connection in milliseconds without the user even noticing it.

Some of the most critical issues that TelNEURO™ technology has proven to overcome are:

1. WiFi 802.11 wireless networks. One of the most complex Scenarios for WiFi VoIP connectivity is a two NAT network connection both with Port Restricted NAT implementations. This TelNEURO™ advantage allow TelSIP™ users to place and receive calls from Notebooks connected to WiFi 802.11 wireless networks at Airports, Hotels, Business Centers, etc…

2.Residential and small enterprise Full Cone NAT Firewalls. Those are the majority of home and middle-size office used NAT Firewall deployments. TelNEURO™ goes through them with no need of System Administrator configuration at all

3. Big Corporation's Symmetric Firewall NAT. TelNEURO™ analyzes the Symmetric behavior and chooses the right approach to establish a successful TelSIP communication. If TelNEURO™ detects that the Firewall blocks all connections, TelNEURO™ itself will change its behavior and use the resources available in the net allowing TelSIP™ to establish in and out communications thru the network.


At the end of the day it all comes together to make Coolnection's main Goal a reality: TO OFFER YOU THE MOST USER FRIENDLY VOIP PRODUCT LINE IN THE MARKET. We will always be developing smart technologies to make things easier for you.


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